Drones document war crimes and expose positions and actions of Russian army in Mariupol

In , drones document war crimes and play an important role in exposing the positions and actions of the Russian army in Mariupol.

Several aerial videos show us the city of Mariupol, in Eastern Ukraine, under heavy attack from the invading forces.

Moshe Schwartz who is a reporter for Yeshiva World News shared a number of drone videos on Twitter.

Schwartz shows us the important role that drones play in documenting war crimes as they are taking place.

Schwartz was able to geolocate a number of drone videos to help us understand what happened, when it happened and where it happened.

These aerial clips may end up playing an important role as evidence to prove that war crimes have indeed been committed by the invading Russian forces.

Examples of drones document war crimes

Let's start with one of the most recent drone videos.

Om March 14th, Schwarts tweets, “I've geolocated this which shows terrifying destruction this morning following a night of destructive shelling on the citizens of Mariupol, Ukraine.”

In the drone video, we can see how part of a residential apartment building in Mariupol is being hit by shelling or a rocket. The footage shows us the extent of the damage to the building and also how large parts of Mariupol are under attack from the Russian army.

Schwartz was able to geolocate the video. I have included the map below. It is not hard to see that he is spot on.


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