6 New Autel EVO II V3 drones to be introduced at IFA 2022 in Berlin

Autel Robotics has announced that it will present six new V3 drones today at the IFA 2022 consumer electronics trade show at Messe Berlin in .

The six new Autel EVO II V3 drones come only weeks after the FCC database was updated with information on the unmanned aircraft and two new remote controllers.

6 New Autel EVO II V3 drones

The full list of new EVO II models to be introduced at IFA 2022 is:

  • EVO II Pro V3
  • EVO II Pro RTK V3
  • EVO II Dual 640T RTK V3
  • EVO II Dual 640T V3
  • EVO II Pro Enterprise V3
  • EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise V3
6 New Autel Evo Ii V3 Drones To Be Introduced At Ifa 2022 In Berlin

The six new Autel EVO II V3 drones will bring several improvements, such as:

  • Improved optical imaging, up to 6K
  • Better low light imaging quality
  • Improved thermal imaging performance
  • Better GPS accuracy and coverage
  • New enterprise accessories
  • New Smart Controllers
  • New Live Deck

In the revised EVO II V3 series, Autel has taken all of the best features from the previous generation's EVO II V2 series and made them even better. The newly released drones have improvements like imaging systems that have greater resolution and work better in low light. They also have enhanced thermal camera performance and new attachable accessories designed for particular purposes.

There are a lot of additional enhancements, such as greater heat dissipation, which results in increased operating longevity; multi-GNSS positioning capabilities, which results in more precise flying; and enhanced long-range picture transmission.

6 New Autel Evo Ii V3 Drones To Be Introduced At Ifa 2022 In Berlin

New video accessory and controller

Autel will also be announcing a new Live Deck video streaming, and conversion accessory, which will be called the EVO II Live Deck 2, as well as two remote controllers, which will both be fully compatible with the EVO II V3 series. These remote controllers will be referred to as Smart Controller V3 and Smart Controller SE.

IFA 2022 will take place at Messe Berlin in Germany from 2-6 September 2022.

Let us know what you think about these six new AUtel EVO II V3 drones in the comments below. Are you worried that Autel may fail to deliver on its promises as the drone maker, unfortunately, has in the past, or do you think that the third generation will be the charm and that these unmanned aircraft will be a noticeable improvement over the current generation Autel drones?

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  1. I find Autel to be extremely poor at labeling, differentiating and explaining their products. I get negative feelings about firms that cannot explain themselves. It makes me think that their internal communications and inter-departmental coordinations are equally messed up. By way of contrast, DJI’s prosumer lineup is quite logical and comprehensible.

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