DJI prohibited from exhibiting at AUVSI’s XPonential 2023

Chinese drone manufacturer DJI has been prohibited from exhibiting at XPonential 2023, one of the most significant trade shows in the , due to policies enacted by the event organizers, .

Updated at 9:18 pm with a response from DJI. See below

Earlier this year, DroneXL reported that DJI was banned from CES 2023 for human rights voilations. Now, AUVSI's XPonential 2023 has implemented similar policies preventing DJI from exhibiting at the conference.

DJI prohibited from exhibiting

DroneXL contacted the event organizers and received the following response: “XPONENTIAL has formally implemented policies prohibiting companies from exhibiting if they are on the U.S. 's Entity List.”

This also means that the drone maker is no longer allowed to be an AUVSI member.

DJI previously held a seat on the AUVSI board of directors from 2017 to 2020. It remains to be seen if DJI will be banned from exhibiting at other major drone conferences in the future.

Interestingly, DJI was able to work with DJI reseller, DSLR Pros to at least have some presence at the event. Furthermore several (former) DJI employees were present at XPonential 2023.

DJI issues an official response

We have reached out to DJI for comment on this matter and just received the following statement:

DJI has done nothing to deserve being placed on any Entity list, and the unilateral decision by AUVSI to ban our company from their event is regrettable.

As a leading commercial drone company, we have made a significant contribution to promote the commercial drone integration and the industry around it.

We had hoped this event would serve as an unbiased professional gathering where knowledge and ideas could be shared in the interest of advancing the world's drone industry. Unfortunately, AUVSI has turned it into a political event.

DJI employees are attending the event this year to support our dealers and distributors, who have their own booths to display the latest drone technologies. We will continue to support our US partners and customers the same way we have been doing for many years.

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  1. The fact that DJI almost single handedly built up the drone industry by providing affordable and reliable technology and now can’t be a part of one of the industry’s largest trade shows is “regrettable” as they say. I’m not always on the DJI train, but this is a little much in my opinion. If DJI turns out to be this big scary monster that everyone makes them out to be, then I’ll eat my words. Until then, their technology and ideas continue to shape the industry and move it forward.

    • I’m afraid you have been misinformed. DJI supported resellers such as DSLRPros. DJI itself did NOT have a booth at XPO. And, AUVSI informed DroneXL in writing that any company on the Entity List (such as DJI) is not allowed to exhibit at XPonential 2023. So, I’,m sorry to inform you, this is all very true.

  2. Let me assure you all that DJI is nowhere near the threat that the current administration is to our great country! The clown/puppet that is labeled as the POTUS of America is the biggest threat to our great country and he is a direct slap in the face to the Men and Women who have fought for this country. He, Kamala, AOC, and the other clowns who openly admitted to hating America, American’s and our values deserve to be on this list!

  3. While concerns over national security are valid, we must differentiate between legitimate safety measures and unjustified prejudice when considering DJI’s attendance based on their Chinese origin. This could easily be viewed as xenophobia or worse…

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    At present time to found new technology for development on different filed

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