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Autel Nano Mini Drone Release Imminent

Autel Nano mini drone release imminent

Just now, Autel Robotics tweeted that the wait will be over in a Nano-second. It seems that we were right on the name after all! Expect the Autel Nano sub-250-gram drone to hit the market soon. Really soon. Hat tip…

New Autel Drones Compete With Dji Air 2S And Mini 2

New Autel drones compete with DJI Air 2S and Mini 2

Earlier today we wrote about a new Autel Nano mini drone that showed up in two leaked photos. Now, we have received another photo that indicates that there will be two new Autel drones to compete with the DJI Air…

Autel Nano Mini Drone Photos Leaked Online

Autel Nano mini drone photos leaked online

We had heard some rumors already, but today we are happy to share these leaked photos with you of the new Autel Nano, a sub-250-grams mini drone from Autel Robotics. Hat tip to J. Ellens.

Dji Mavic 3 Rumors Update From China

DJI Mavic 3 rumors update from China

Here are the latest DJI Mavic 3 rumors straight from China. Last week, we saw the renderings that were shared online by DroneModelismo. Then we saw the not incredibly professional renderings of what the new dual-lens camera setup on the…

Brendan Schulman Leaves Drone Maker Dji - Dji'S Brendan Schulman Talks About Drones, Dji, China, Data Security In This Must-Listen Podcast

Brendan Schulman leaves drone maker DJI

Brendan Schulman, Vice President of Policy & Legal Affairs is leaving drone maker DJI. The announcement came in an email this morning. Schulman is leaving the Drone Industry altogether as he will be starting as Vice President of Policy &…