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Brendan Schulman hints at more DJI products to be released in 2020

In a tweet, Brendan Schulman, Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs at DJI, hinted at the fact that more DJI products might still be released in 2020.

New DJI FPV controller shows up in leaked photo on Twitter

Could this be the new DJI FPV controller that shows up in this leaked photo on Twitter? It sure seems like it might be. It has the shape of a Playstation controller with a new design antenna. Let’s take...

Flying a DJI FPV drone at 124 mph with DJI FPV System [video]

Check out this video of a DJI drone, built with parts from the DJI online store and the DJI FPV System. The bi-blade drone flies up to 124 mph!

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