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DJI vs Autel patent war – No ban on DJI drones in the US

Another victory for DJI in the patent war with Autel Robotics, as the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) decided not to enforce a ban on DJI drones.

Trade judge’s findings over DJI vs Autel patent dispute to be reviewed again

According to a notice on the U.S. International Trade Commission website, the agency will review the trade judge’s findings from March over the obstacle avoidance (’174 patent), the propeller locking...

Breaking news: Win for DJI in patent dispute with Autel Robotics

Breaking news: DJI just scored a big win in the patent dispute with Autel Robotics. In a news update on the website from Finnegan, the law firm that represents DJI in this matter, it was announced that: The...

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