Yuneec Announces H850-RTK Business Class Drone

Drone maker Yuneec has announced a new hexacopter drone model aimed at professional users, the H850-RTK business class drone. The system offers a flight time of up to 65 minutes and can be equipped with multiple cameras. Together with the H850, also introduces the new T-one smart controller with a built-in 7” display. The system will be available from August.

H850-RTK Business Class Drone

In the marketing material that Yuneec has made available, the H850 is touted as a “multiple payload business class drone”. With the new system, Yuneec seems to be competing with DJI's M300, but at a lower price.

The flight time of the system is 60-65 minutes. Without a camera and gimbal, the drone weighs 5.8 kg. The MTOW is 9.3 kg, which equates to a payload of max 3.6 kg. The range in CE mode is approximately 8 km. For positioning, the H850 uses RTK GPS, Glonass, BeiDou, and Galileo. Obstacle detection will be offered as an option at a later stage.

The H850 is compatible with several cameras from Yuneec's range, including the E90x 20-megapixel camera with a 1″ sensor, the E30Zx camera with 30x optical zoom, and the E20TVx radiometric thermal imager with residual light sensor.

Yuneec Announces H850-Rtk Business Class Drone

Controller and battery system

The H850 comes with the new T-one smart controller. It has a 7” display with full HD resolution and a brightness of 1000 nits. The controller runs on Android 10. The built-in 10,000 mAh battery is good for 7 hours of use. Yuneec emphasizes that the controller does not send data to external servers.

The drone is powered by 2 included smart batteries, each with a capacity of 295 Wh. These can be charged with the Power Charging Station, which is also part of the delivery package. This charging case can simultaneously charge four H850 batteries and two T-one batteries.

Price and availability of the Yuneec H850-RTK

The new H850-RTK drone will be available in August 2022. In addition to the H850, the package also includes a transport case, the T-one controller, the Power Charging Station, and two smart batteries. The suggested retail price for the system is €7,734.95 (incl. VAT). An optional YCAP-certified DroneTag makes it easy to prepare the system for future requirements.

Specification of the Yuneec H850-RTK enterprise drone

Here are the detailed specs of the Yuneec H850-RTK enterprise drone:

  • Weight: 5.800 gram, incl. 2 accu's (no payload)
  • MTOW: 8800g
  • Max Payload Weight: 3000g
  • Diagonal Size: 850mm
  • Unfolded: 440×365×470 mm
  • Max Ascend Speed: 3 m/s
  • Max Descent Speed: 2-5 m/s
  • Max Horizontal Speed: 20 m/s
  • Max Flight Speed: 72 km/h
  • Max. Flight Ceiling (MSL): 5000m
  • Max Flight Time: 65 minutes (without payload)
  • Battery 23,1volt: 2x Li-ion HV, 6S,12800mAh
  • Position System: GPS, Glonass, Beidou&Galileo
  • Hovering Accuracy(Single): Horizon:±0.5m
  • Vertical:±0.5m
  • RTK(RMS) Accuracy: 1cm +1ppm(H); 1.5cm+1ppm(V)
  • Operating Temperature: -20℃-50℃, -4° F -122° F
  • Payload Connector: X-connector
  • Compatible Payloads : E20TVx, E90X, E30Zx, ETx, S42x, , Spotlight and digital loudspeaker
  • Upward Gimbal: Optional
  • Hot-swappable Batteries & Payloads: Yes
  • IP: x5
  • Collision Avoidance System: Millimeter-wave Radar (optional)
  • Remote Controller: T-One
  • Connectivity Ports and Power Supply H850: GMAC 1000Mb, USB-C, USB-3 5Gbps, Aux 3.5 mm,
  • Micro-SD, 2x Power 5v+GND, 2x PWM,2x GPIO, 5v,12v&19,8-26,4v, for external devices with high
  • power requirements.
  • Operating Frequency: 2.4000-2.4835GHz & 5.725-5.850GHz
  • Autopilot: PX4 Based
  • Drone Remote Identification Device (EU): LTE+Bluetooth, incl. app and U-space ready (optional module)
Yuneec Announces H850-Rtk Business Class Drone

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