Drone Magic At The 2024 Ncaa Women'S College World Series 1

Drone Magic at the 2024 NCAA Women’s College World Series

The 2024 NCAA Women’s College World Series kicked off in Oklahoma City, and ESPN is bringing an impressive production, including some drone magic, to Devon Park. This five-day, eight-team double-elimination tournament features Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Oklahoma State, UCLA, Stanford, Duke,…

Drone News: Us Government Gone Wild 5

Drone News: US Government Gone Wild

Welcome to your weekly UAS news update. This is the “Government Gone Wild” edition. That’s right, we’ve got three more bills from Oklahoma, Missouri, and Utah, which actually has two bills, that would restrict drone operation. So we decided to…

U.s. Launches Jcu To Counter Drone Threats In Modern Warfare

U.S. Launches JCU to Counter Drone Threats in Modern Warfare

Pioneering Defense Against Unmanned Aerial Threats The United States Military has inaugurated the Joint Counter Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems University (JCU), a groundbreaking academy dedicated to training American Armed Forces in countering the rapidly evolving threat posed by drones or…

Dronexl.co Drone hírek naponta

Napi Drone hírek - 2020 szeptember 30, szerda

Íme a mai legfontosabb drónos hírek. Ezt a bejegyzést minden hétköznap 17:30-kor tesszük közzé. A történetek egy része a DroneXL.co-tól származik, más részük pedig más forrásokból. Ha szeretné, hogy ezt egy...