Autel Nano+ first flight and impressions from Billy Kyle

, one of the few dronemakers that actually made it to CES this year, launched the Autel Nano+. got his hands on one of them and here are his first flight impressions.

Autel Nano+ First Flight And Impressions From Billy Kyle

Billy likes the Autel remote controller of the Nano+. Transmission is great between the remote and the latest sub-250-gram mini drone.

The new Autel Sky app does not allow you to tune in the sticks of the drone. Controlling the drone is a bit touchy says Billy. Keep in mind he was flying the drone in sport mode possibly making the drone a bit more responsive.

について + has obstacle avoidance sensors at the front, back, and downwards. It is impressive for such a small and lightweight drone to feature obstacle avoidance.

The Autel Nano+ also features a ludicrous mode. billy says that he has never been a huge fan of Autel's drones in the past, but he mentions that the Nano+ flight characteristics are impressive.

The image transmission is better than the +, Billy says. The Autel Nano is $649, and the Autel Nano+ is $799 and is a little bit high, he mentions. The Nano+ Premium Bundle is $949.

The Autel Sky app needs to be further developed and offer more features, as well as allowing you to dial in the controls of the drone.

Billy had issues binding the drone to the remote control, although this issue seems to be resolved

The Nano+ offers a 1/1.28 inch sensor with a maximum aperture of f/1.9 that shoots 50MP photos and video in 4K at 30fps.

The Autel mini drone comes in two versions, the Nano and the superior but more expensive Nano+.

Billy walks away impressed with the bit expensive Nano+ drone.

The only question left is when will Autel start shipping these drones to customers?

Autel Nano+ first flight and impressions video

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Autel Nano+ First Flight And Impressions From Billy Kyle 1


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