DJI Mini 3 Pro firmware update brings new features

について DJIミニ3プロ, one of DJI's most popular camera drones, just received a major firmware upgrade.

について Pro can now turn the camera ninety degrees into vertical mode while using Mastershots, FocusTrack, QuickShots, and Hyperlapse. Because of apps like Instagram and TikTok, vertical mode is becoming more and more popular. The DJIミニ3プロ can also be used with the DJI RC Pro controller.

The latest DJIミニ3プロ firmware upgrade also lets you choose between shutter priority and ISO priority while shooting. Furthermore, the degree of sharpening and noise reduction applied to the jpg files can now be customized.

The latest brings even more new features to the DJIミニ3プロ. The camera may now be directed upwards at a wider angle while taking panoramic images. A new 2-second interval has been introduced while recording an aerial hyperlapse.

After updating the mini camera drone with the latest firmware update, the DJIミニ3プロ will now be in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) for drones.

Before you upgrade the DJIミニ3プロ's firmware, make sure you have the most current version of DJI Fly loaded (v1.7.8 or newer).

The sub-250-gram drone can then be updated to firmware v01.0.0400. The DJI RC-N1 controller is set to v04.14.0400, whereas the DJI RC is set to v01.02.0000.

Dji Mini 3 Pro Quicktransfer Optimized After The Latest Firmware Update - V01.00.0150

DJI Mini 3 Pro Firmware update

  • Aircraft Firmware: v01.00.0400
  • DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller Firmware: v04.14.0400
  • DJI RC Remote Controller Firmware: v01.02.0000
  • DJI RC Pro Remote Controller Firmware: v03.01.1000
  • iOS: v1.7.8
  • DJI Fly App Android: v1.7.8

What's New?

  • Added support for FAA's Remote ID requirements in the .
  • Added support for using MasterShots in portrait mode.
  • Added shutter priority and ISO priority for the camera in Pro mode.
  • Added support for adjusting style parameters such as sharpness and noise reduction.
  • Added support for using wide-angle lens.


  • When the firmware update is complete, the Remote ID function cannot be disabled, and DJI Fly v1.7.8 or later is required to fly the aircraft in the United States.
  • Other added features also require DJI Fly v1.7.8 or later.
  • If the firmware update fails, restart the DJI Mini 3 Pro, remote controller, and DJI Fly or (Consumer Drones Series), and retry.




提案されている法案は、楽しみ、仕事、安全のためにドローンを使用するあなたの能力を脅かす。その ドローン擁護同盟 私たちと一緒に、あなたの選挙で選ばれた議員に、空を飛ぶ権利を守るよう訴えましょう。

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