DJI Mini 4 Pro D-LOG M Footage Compared to Mini 3 Pro and Air 3

In a recent video analysis by the パイロット・インスティテュート, aerial footage from the DJI Mini 4 Pro in D-LOG M is juxtaposed against sequences from both the Pro and the drones.

Early in the video, the drone visuals are color-graded using the Rec.709 color space, providing a standardized comparison across all three drones.

DJI Mini 4 Pro Aerial Footage Compared

YouTube video

The distinction in the footage between the Pro and the DJIミニ3プロ is strikingly evident. Despite the drones and cameras bearing remarkable similarities, the augmented processing prowess of the DJI Mini 4 Pro delivers footage with heightened contrast, enriched resolution, and vivid coloration.

The visual output from the DJI Mini 4 Pro is strikingly parallel to that of the newly launched DJI Air 3. Upon meticulous examination of both sets of footage, the distinction is razor-thin.

With the unveiling of the DJI Mini 4 Pro, DJI appears to have truly integrated professional-grade features into a sub-250g drone. DJI's recent slogan, hinting at maximizing the potential of the mini-series, seems to have been not just a marketing phrase but a statement of intent. Based on preliminary reviews and feedback, it's evident that the Chinese drone giant has delivered on its promise.




提案されている法案は、楽しみ、仕事、安全のためにドローンを使用するあなたの能力を脅かす。その ドローン擁護同盟 私たちと一緒に、あなたの選挙で選ばれた議員に、空を飛ぶ権利を守るよう訴えましょう。

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