AirHub Secures €1M to Revolutionize Drone Operations in Critical Situations

Dutch Startup Aims to Enhance Safety and Efficiency with Innovative Platform

AirHub, a Dutch startup, has raised €1 million in funding for its cutting-edge Drone Operations Center, a platform designed to streamline the management of drone fleets in security, critical infrastructure, and emergency response operations. The investment comes from LUMO Labs and Lumaux, two prominent investment funds.

The AirHub Drone Operations Center is set to revolutionize the way drones are deployed in critical situations by ensuring strict adherence to safety, security, and regulatory standards. The platform offers tailored applications for mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android, and , as well as an intuitive online dashboard.

Stephan van Vuren, co-CEO of AirHub, emphasizes the growing importance of drones in maintaining societal operations: “In an increasingly complex and fragile world, drones have become an essential tool for keeping our society operational. With the investment from LUMO and Lumaux, AirHub is poised to take the next step in automating drone operations on a large scale, ensuring safety, security, and efficiency.”

Drones and AI: A Powerful Combination

Drones, when combined with (AI), offer a powerful solution for various challenges. For instance, Unmanned Valley and its partners are utilizing drones and smart AI algorithms to identify diseased tulips and hyacinths, a task that is highly difficult and labor-intensive when relying solely on the naked eye. Drones and AI can analyze plants down to the millimeter, providing a more efficient and accurate means of assessing plant health.

Drones in Emergency Response

Andy Lürling, Founding Partner of LUMO Labs, highlights the potential of drones in addressing the challenges posed by rapid urbanization, changing demographics, and technological breakthroughs.

He states, “Emerging technologies, including robotics and autonomous vehicles, hold the key. Still, their actual use in society is often held back as they face many challenges in meeting safety, security, and regulatory standards. AirHub helps overcome these obstacles and allows better use of drones in critical infrastructure and emergency response operations.”

A Significant Step Forward

Thomas Brinkman, co-CEO of AirHub, views this strategic investment as a significant step in the company's evolution. “As AirHub continues to lead and innovate within the drone market, this strategic investment represents a significant step in our evolution. With the backing of LUMO and Lumaux, we are now more equipped than ever to respond to the increasing international demand and cement our position as industry leaders,” he affirms.

The €1 million investment in AirHub's Drone Operations Center underscores the growing recognition of the vital role drones play in ensuring safety, security, and efficiency in critical situations. As the startup continues to innovate and expand its capabilities, it is poised to make a significant impact on the way drones are deployed in emergency response and critical infrastructure operations.




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