Walmart Drone Deliveries Set to Take Off in Hurst

Hurst, , is on track to become the next city in Tarrant County to allow drone deliveries, following North Richland Hills, Frisco, and Lewisville. This move comes after the City Council voted unanimously to approve Wing Drone Delivery's zoning request to build a launch pad and storage facility at the Walmart located at 1732 Precinct Line Road, reports the Star Telegram.

Key Points

Hurst's City Council gave initial approval for Wing Drone Delivery's proposal, with a final vote scheduled for June 11. Once approved, Walmart customers in Hurst can order small items like medications or rotisserie chickens via drone.

Drone Delivery Details

Catherine Lovett, Wing's local policy and community affairs manager, stated that the drones can carry packages up to 2.6 pounds. Customers will initially need to use the Wing app, but Walmart plans to integrate this service into its shopping app. The drones, flying at 65 mph and at an altitude of 200 feet, will require a designated drop zone about the size of a picnic table.

Privacy and Noise Concerns

Addressing privacy concerns, Lovett clarified that the drones' cameras are used solely for navigation and delivery accuracy, not for recording. As for noise, she compared the sound of the drones to that of a car passing by.

Expansion Plans

Wing already operates drone deliveries from two Walmart locations in North Richland Hills and is eager to expand. While there is no specific start date for Hurst, the company expressed excitement about bringing this service to more communities in the coming months.

Hurst is set to join the growing list of cities embracing drone delivery technology. With the convenience of fast, aerial deliveries, Walmart customers can look forward to receiving their last-minute items in a matter of minutes.


Drone deliveries are revolutionizing the way we shop, offering speed and convenience unmatched by traditional methods. As Hurst prepares to launch this service, we can expect other cities to follow suit, further integrating drones into our daily lives. This is a significant step towards a more efficient and innovative future in retail.




提案されている法案は、楽しみ、仕事、安全のためにドローンを使用するあなたの能力を脅かす。その ドローン擁護同盟 私たちと一緒に、あなたの選挙で選ばれた議員に、空を飛ぶ権利を守るよう訴えましょう。

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