DJI Air 3S Leak Fuels Speculation About Camera Upgrades

According to a recent leak shared on Twitter by Igor Bogdanov, also known as Quadro News, drone enthusiasts may soon see a new addition to DJI's popular Air series. The leaked image, which appears to show either the DJI Air 3S or Air 4, has sparked discussions about potential camera upgrades for the upcoming model.

DJI cAir 4, Air 3S or Mavic 4?
DJI cAir 4, Air 3S or Mavic 4?

Familiar Hardware, Mysterious Camera Setup

The leaked photo reveals a drone that closely resembles the current in terms of overall design. However, the image strategically obscures the camera and gimbal setup, leaving room for speculation about possible improvements in this crucial area.

Dji Air 3S Leak Fuels Speculation About Camera Upgrades 2

Potential Camera Configurations

Two main theories have emerged regarding the camera configuration:

  1. Triple camera setup: Some speculate that DJI might incorporate the triple camera system from the Mavic 3 Pro into the Air 3S.
  2. Upgraded dual camera: Others suggest an improved version of the Air 3's dual-camera setup, possibly featuring a larger sensor.

DJI's Product Strategy

This potential update aligns with DJI's recent strategy of rapid product iterations, cannibalizing on its own product line by quickly coming out with new and improved drones.


The leaked image of the possible DJI Air 3S or Air 4 is exciting news for drone enthusiasts. If true, this update could significantly enhance the capabilities of DJI's mid-range offering. The potential inclusion of a triple camera setup or an upgraded dual-camera system with a larger sensor would provide users with more versatility and improved image quality.

This move also reflects DJI's commitment to innovation and maintaining its position as a market leader. By continually improving its product line, DJI ensures that consumers have access to the latest technology, even if it means competing with its own recent releases.

As we await official confirmation from DJI, it's worth noting that the continues to evolve rapidly. Features that were once reserved for high-end models are increasingly finding their way into more accessible drones, benefiting both professional and hobbyist pilots alike.

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  1. Expect more leaks when the Air 3 sale is over.
    I still believe that these”leaks” are let out by DJI to select individuals.


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