Rumored DJI Zenmuse H30 and H30T Cameras: A Game Changer for First Responders

This morning, Igor Bogdanov from Quadro News shared exciting information on X/Twitter about the rumored new DJI Zenmuse H30 and H30T (thermal) cameras. These anticipated models are expected to offer significant improvements in aerial imaging, making them invaluable tools for 그리고 teams.


Key Features of the Rumored H30 and H30T

Advanced Zoom and Thermal Capabilities

The rumored Zenmuse H30 and H30T cameras are said to feature a remarkable 34x optical zoom and an astonishing 400x digital zoom. Additionally, the thermal imaging resolution is reportedly increased to 1280 × 1024, enhancing the clarity and precision of thermal images. These features could significantly benefit search and rescue operations, providing detailed visuals even from great distances and under challenging conditions.

  • Support 34x optical zoom and 400x digital zoom.
  • The resolution of the thermal imaging camera is increased to 1280 × 1024.
  • Supports ultra-high definition mode for observing objects with small temperature differences.
  • The temperature measurement range is increased to -20℃ to 1600℃.
  • Improvement of night mode with frame rate at 25fps, 15fps, and 5fps.
  • Near infrared backlight function.
  • Laser rangefinder range increased to 3000 meters.
  • Support intelligent shooting function.
  • Support electronic fog elimination function.
  • Support electronic foreground stabilization to improve inspection efficiency.
Rumored Dji Zenmuse H30 And H30T Cameras: A Game Changer For First Responders
DJI Zenmuse H30
Rumored Dji Zenmuse H30 And H30T Cameras: A Game Changer For First Responders
DJI Zenmuse H30T (Thermal)

Expected to Replace the H20 and H20T

The H30 series is anticipated to replace the current DJI H20 and H20T cameras, used on drones such as the DJI M350. The H20 and H20T are known for their versatility and robust features, widely used in various sectors, including emergency services.

Overview of the DJI Zenmuse H20 and H20T

Specs and Features

  • H20 Camera:
    • 12MP wide camera with 82.9° DFOV
    • 20MP zoom camera with 23x hybrid optical zoom, up to 200x max zoom
    • Laser rangefinder with 1200m max range
  • H20T Camera:
    • Includes all H20 features plus a 640x512px radiometric thermal camera with a 30Hz frame rate and 40.6° DFOV

Both models share features such as IP44 ingress protection, an operating temperature range from -20°C to 50°C, active image stabilization, and a detachable gimbal with extensive pitch and yaw control.

Intelligent Features

The H20 series is equipped with several intelligent features designed to enhance efficiency:

  • AI Spot Check: Automates routine inspections with consistent framing.
  • High-Res Grid Photo: The zoom camera automatically captures 20MP images of an area framed by the wide camera.
  • PinPoint: Allows users to mark an object and get its coordinates.
  • Smart Track: Identifies and follows moving subjects, providing their location.
  • Thermal Imaging Capabilities (H20T): Spot Meter, Area Measurement, Temp Alarm, isotherms, and adjustable gain modes.


The Zenmuse H20T bundle, including DJI Care Enterprise Plus, is priced around $10,399. The version with DJI Care Enterprise Basic is about $9,809. The H20, without the thermal imaging capability, is priced at approximately $3,500.

Potential Impact on First Responders

The rumored H30 and H30T cameras are expected to be particularly significant for first responders and search and rescue teams across the country. The high thermal resolution and enhanced zoom capabilities will allow these professionals to conduct more efficient and effective operations. The likely competitive pricing of these new models will make advanced aerial imaging technology more accessible, potentially saving more lives and improving response times in critical situations.

Anticipation Builds for the H30 Series

While DJI has not officially announced the Zenmuse H30 and H30T cameras, the rumors shared by Igor Bogdanov suggest they could be groundbreaking additions to the field of aerial imaging. With their advanced features and expected affordability, these cameras are poised to become essential tools for first responders and other professionals relying on high-quality aerial data.

Rumored DJI Zenmuse H30 and H30T Cameras: A Game Changer for First Responders

Mark your calendars for May 16th, 9 p.m. Beijing Time.

The anticipated release of the H30 series marks a promising development for the future of .

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