Fly High: South Plains College’s Drone Certification Program

South Plains College Offers Cutting-Edge Drone Certification Classes

Drones are everywhere, from recreational parks to professional job sites. If you've ever wanted to get in on the action and learn to fly these fascinating devices, South Plains College in Lubbock, , has just the program for you. As part of their Industrial Manufacturing program, the college 보도에 따르면 offers drone certification classes where students can earn a license to fly drones commercially, as well as learn how to build and repair them.

Fly High: South Plains College'S Drone Certification Program 2

A Unique Learning Experience

At South Plains College's Reese campus, students have the opportunity to delve into the world of drones through two specialized classes. These classes are designed to equip students with the necessary skills to succeed in the growing .

Bill, one of the professors at the college, explains, “The two classes in this program go along with our Industrial Manufacturing course. All of our technicians will be drone certified. You'll learn how to pass the FAA exam to get your commercial drone license, and in the other class, we concentrate on what a drone is and how to build one.”

The Value of Drone Certification

The popularity of drones has surged in recent years, and their applications span multiple industries.

“Several industries are interested in it,” Bill notes. “The medical field, in particular, is really driving this interest. They want to start flying medical supplies, lab samples, and possibly even human organs from hospital to hospital using drones.”

Drones also hold potential in alternative energy sectors, such as inspecting wind turbines. Instead of sending someone up to take pictures, a drone can be deployed to do the job safely and efficiently.

Fly High: South Plains College'S Drone Certification Program 3

International Collaboration and Hands-On Learning

South Plains College's program has attracted international attention as well. A notable example is their collaboration with , an Australian company that has designed and built Kookaburra drones. These drones have been deployed in Africa for three years to deliver medical supplies. When Swoop Aero retired some of these drones, they donated them to South Plains College for restoration and duplication.

Bill shares, “We've got one right now that we're currently working on. We've flown it once, but we still need to do a little work on it. We're going to duplicate it and rename it Mockingbirds.”

Embracing New Skills

The hands-on experience provided by South Plains College's drone program is unmatched. Students not only learn to fly drones but also gain invaluable skills in building and repairing them. This practical approach ensures that graduates are well-prepared for the diverse opportunities in the drone industry.

For those interested in pursuing this unique and exciting field, South Plains College provides all the necessary information and support to get started. As Bill puts it, “Who knows, you might just discover a new skill!”

DroneXL의 견해

South Plains College's drone certification program is a forward-thinking initiative that prepares students for the future. The combination of practical skills and industry knowledge equips graduates to enter a variety of fields, from medical deliveries to energy inspections. As the drone industry continues to expand, programs like this one will be crucial in supplying well-trained professionals. Embracing not only opens up new career paths but also promises to revolutionize many industries.

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