Aerovironment donates an additional 100 Quantix Recon drones to Ukraine

In addition to the Switchblade drones provided by the U.S. government, donates over 100 Quantix Recon drones to Oekraïne.

The Quantix Recon drones are expected to arrive soon, with more on the way. Free operational training for donated technologies will also be provided to the Ministry of Defence of and territorial forces amid the ongoing war against .

During a personal meeting, AeroVironment chairman, president, and CEO Wahid Nawabi presented the donation to the Ambassador and Defence Attaché at Ukraine's Embassy.

“As the Ukraine military's fight to protect their homeland and defend their nation's freedom against Russia's invasion intensifies, their need for solutions that can offer force protection and force multiplication capabilities continues,” said Nawabi. “This donation will provide operators with a tool that can fly undetected by enemy forces and unaffected by radio frequency jammers to deliver accurate and rapid reconnaissance of remote, inaccessible areas of the dynamically changing battlefield.”

The Quantix Recon can give actionable intelligence to operators, allowing them to conduct fast mission planning and verification to assist keep Ukrainian ground forces safe.

“AeroVironment is honored to support the people of Ukraine,” Nawabi added.

Aerovironment Donates An Additional 100 Quantix Recon Drones To Ukraine

About the Quantix Recon drones

The Quantix Recon UAS is a lightweight, readily deployable, fully automated surveillance device that gives on-demand actionable information using high-resolution, georeferenced terrain, vegetation, and infrastructure photographs.

Quantix Recon is a hybrid vertical takeoff and landing () aircraft with a unique design that mixes the VTOL benefits of a multirotor drone with the range, speed, and efficiency of a fixed-wing unmanned aircraft.

The Quantix Recon drone can survey up to 1.6 square kilometers (0.6 square miles) or 20 linear kilometers (12.4 miles) in a single 45-minute battery flight thanks to fully automated flight operations.

The delivery of the Quantix Recon UAS does not affect other AeroVironment tactical missile systems or UAS that are currently being supplied to Ukraine by the government.

The first half of the donated Quantix Recon UAS shipment is anticipated to arrive shortly, with operational training starting immediately.

Aerovironment Donates An Additional 100 Quantix Recon Drones To Ukraine

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