Mexican Cartels Weaponize Drones For Explosive Attacks 1

Mexican Cartels Weaponize Drones for Explosive Attacks

Mexican cartels are increasingly using drones to carry out violent attacks, both against rival gangs and the public. This alarming development was brought to light during a recent congressional hearing by Carl Landrum, a former U.S. Border Patrol official, according…

Dedrone Launches Handheld Drone-Mitigation System, The Dedronedefender

Dedrone launches handheld drone-mitigation system, the DedroneDefender

The counter-drone company, Dedrone, announced today that it has launched its next-generation portable drone-mitigation device called the DedroneDefender. The DedroneDefender takes a new approach to UAS-mitigation technology by offering a sleek, connected gun for targeted precision radio frequency (RF) jamming.…