Dji Mini 4 Pro Emerges In Imda Database

DJI Mini 4 Pro Emerges in IMDA Database

Another revelation has emerged regarding the DJI Mini 4 Pro. Earlier today, we came across a tweet by Mukul Sharma, who boasts a significant following on his X/Twitter account. The tweet displays an intriguing listing, purportedly from the IMDA database,…

Vegas, Red Bull, And The Artistry Of Johnny Fpv

Vegas, Red Bull, and the Artistry of Johnny FPV

When you hear the names “Vegas,” “Red Bull,” “Formula 1,” and “Johnny FPV” in the same sentence, you’re bound to expect a visual spectacle. And this short video does not disappoint. No medium can immerse a viewer into the heart…

Capturing Hyperlapses With Dji Mini 3 Pro During Tesla Event

Capturing Hyperlapses with DJI Mini 3 Pro During Tesla Event

Drones have undeniably transformed the way we capture aerial imagery. Their rise in popularity and technological advancements have led enthusiasts like me, Billy Kyle, to test their limits regularly. A few weeks ago, I found myself in San Luis Obispo,…

Ai-Powered Fpv Drone Outpaces Human Racers

AI-Powered FPV Drone Outpaces Human Racers

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is showcasing its prowess, with robots besting humans in increasingly complex tasks. A groundbreaking example emerged from the University of Zurich, where engineers unveiled an AI-driven drone, named “Swift“, that dominated human opponents in…

Nypd Sets Strict No-Drone Policy For U.s. Open 1

NYPD Sets Strict No-Drone Policy for U.S. Open

On the inaugural day of the U.S. Open, the New York Police Department (NYPD) issued a stern warning: Flushing Meadows is off-limits to drones. The NYPD emphasized a stringent a no-drone or “zero-tolerance policy” for any drones observed around the…

Dji, Renowned As The Global Frontrunner In Civilian Drone And Innovative Camera Technology, Marks Its High-Anticipated Return To Ifa 2023, Berlin, For The First Time Since 2019. From September 1-5, The Tech Giant Aims To Provide Attendees With An Up-Close And Personal Journey Into The Realm Of Its Unparalleled Imaging Solutions.

DJI Showcases Groundbreaking Imaging Tech at IFA 2023

DJI, renowned as the global frontrunner in civilian drone and innovative camera technology, marks its high-anticipated return to IFA 2023, Berlin, for the first time since 2019. From September 1-5, the tech giant aims to provide attendees with an up-close…

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