The Dji Ban Effort - Facts Vs. Opinions 7

The DJI Ban Effort – Facts vs. Opinions

Unless any major developments occur, this will be my last video about the potential ban of DJI drones in the United States for a while. Although it’s an important issue, it’s also kind of tiring to keep hearing about it,…

Revolutionary Dji Mavic 3 Pro Drone: Triple-Camera Aerial Mastery Unleashed

China Tightens Drone Regulations to Protect State Secrets

China’s Ministry of State Security has issued a stark warning about the risks associated with drone use near sensitive locations. This move comes amid a growing number of incidents involving unauthorized aerial photography of military installations and other restricted areas,…

Sanningen om Dji's datasäkerhet

Sanningen om DJI:s datasäkerhet

DJI står inför ett potentiellt förbud i USA DJI är på väg att förbjudas här i USA baserat på falska påståenden och det påverkar alla som använder sina drönare. Det spelar ingen roll om du flyger på fritiden ...