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The Dji Ban Effort - Facts Vs. Opinions 4

The DJI Ban Effort – Facts vs. Opinions

Unless any major developments occur, this will be my last video about the potential ban of DJI drones in the United States for a while. Although it’s an important issue, it’s also kind of tiring to keep hearing about it,…

Dji Unveils The Highly Anticipated Mini 4K Drone 8

DJI Unveils the Highly Anticipated Mini 4K Drone

In a significant development for aerial photography enthusiasts, DJI, the leading manufacturer of civilian drones, has launched the DJI Mini 4K. This latest addition to the company’s popular Mini Series boasts enhanced capabilities and beginner-friendly features, making it an attractive…

Dji Mini 4 Pro -14 Reasons To Upgrade From Your Mini 3 Pro

DJI Releases New Firmware Update for Mini 4 Pro Drone

Exciting New Features and Compatibility Enhancements Unveiled On April 11, 2024, DJI, the world’s leading drone manufacturer, released a new firmware update for their popular Mini 4 Pro drone. This update, version 01.00.0400 for the aircraft and v02.02.0000 (DJI RC…

Randall Warnass: The Man Behind Anzu Robotics?

Randall Warnas: The Man Behind Anzu Robotics?

Former Autel Robotics CEO Set to Unveil New Venture In a recent announcement, Randall Warnas, the former CEO of Autel Robotics in the USA, hinted at his involvement in a new, unannounced venture. The announcement, which features a distinct green…

Remote Identification (Remote Id) Regulations For Drones

FAA Remote ID for Drones kicks in tomorrow!

New Era of Drone Operations: The FAA’s Remote ID Mandate A significant milestone in the integration of drones into national airspace, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Remote Identification (Remote ID) regulations for drones will come into effect tomorrow, March 16th,…

Faa Greenlights Ama Drone Events Without Remote Id

FAA Greenlights AMA Drone Events Without Remote ID

In a pivotal development for drone enthusiasts across the nation, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) members the freedom to fly at sanctioned Drone Events without the need to broadcast remote identification information.…