DJI Action 2 price, specs, photos, 4K/120fps video leaked

This morning, all the DJI Action 2 price, specs, photos, and more information were found by Konrad and shared on Medium. Let's dive in and see what he found. The DJI Action 2 will be released on October 27th, 2021.

Оновлення: Check out these unboxing photos of the DJI Action 2 тут..

DJI Action 2 price, specs, photos, 4K/120fps video leaked

The top specs and features and price of the soon to be released DJI Action 2 are:

  • Magnetic Versatility
  • 4K/120fps & Super-Wide FOV
  • Portable & Wearable
  • 10m Waterproof
  • AI Editor

Dji Action 2 Specs, Photos, 4K/120Fps Video, And More Leaked

Konrad found the full text of the DJI Action 2 and shared it on Medium. Here we go:

DJI Action 2 — More than Action!

DJI Action 2 isn't just ultra-versatile, it's also our most powerful action camera yet. The innovative magnetic design lets you effortlessly swap out accessories as you capture life on the go. From parkour to park walks, break the mold with DJI Action 2.

Crafted with Precision

The lightweight aluminum alloy body has a sleek minimalistic look and a smooth and solid feel.

Action 2's innovative magnetic locking design allows you to interchange accessories quickly and securely.

The shape and angle of the lens has been carefully considered for optimal performance and beauty.

Dji Action 2 Price, Specs, Photos, 4K/120Fps Video Leaked 1

The Power to Wow

Action 2 offers industry-leading performance and is packed full of intuitive features. With all this power, users can capture memorable footage from the spectacular to the everyday, even in harsh conditions.

DJI Action 2 records 4K/120fps

Record stunningly smooth footage with rich details that stands out from the rest. DJI Action 2 reaches never-before-seen heights with its capability to shoot 4K/120fps.

155° — Super-Wide FOV

Enhance your perspective and gain improved depth of field with an ultra-wide 155° FOV. Action 2's custom aspheric lens sharpens edges and reduces image distortion.


HorizonSteady keeps your footage level, no matter how wild the action gets. From go-karting to dirt biking, DJI's latest built-in stabilization algorithm detects and corrects camera shake and rotation in real-time.

All-Terrain, All Action

Built tough, the Action 2 Camera Unit is drop-proof, dustproof, and waterproof at depths of up to 10 meters. [2] And with a touchscreen and lens constructed of gorilla glass, it's durable enough for any adventure.

Dji Action 2 Specs, Photos, 4K/120Fps Video, And More Leaked

Unleash Your Creativity


Show off your creative flair with a show-stopping timelapse. Capture the bustle of the city or storm clouds rolling in with a sped-up passage of time.

8x Slow Motion

A near miss, the moment of impact, or the break of a wave are all the more epic in slow-mo. With Action 2, you can even enable or disable slow motion during shooting for precise timing and more freedom.

Digital Zoom

Seamlessly switch from close-ups to distance shots, even as you shoot, to add greater depth to your footage.

Dji Action 2 Specs, Photos, 4K/120Fps Video, And More Leaked

DJI Action 2 Made for Action, and So Much More

Action 2's magnetic design lets users freely snap and switch between powerful modules and accessories. This fluidity of form makes it the ultimate multi-functional action camera.

Front Touchscreen Module — Double Down on Your Creativity

Snap-on the Front Touchscreen Module and make yourself the center of attention. Designed with vloggers in mind, the front-facing OLED touchscreen and 4-mic Matrix Stereo let you compose videos and capture crisp audio as you narrate your adventures. And when connected, Action 2's battery life is increased to a maximum of 160 minutes when filming. [3]

Some things just click!

Intelligent Audio

  • 4-mic Matrix Stereo
  • Audio Zoom
  • Directional Audio

DJI Action 2 Power Module

A Boost When You Need it Most Did somebody say power couple? Get more out of your DJI Action 2 with the Power Module. When connected, Action 2 gains a microSD card slot and can film for up to 180 minutes. [3] It's even hot-swappable, so you can keep filming without missing a beat.

Dji Action 2 Specs, Photos, 4K/120Fps Video, And More Leaked

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Action 2 Camera Unit
  • 1 x Power Module
  • 1 x Magnetic Lanyard
  • 1 x Magnetic Adapter Mount
  • 1 x Power Cable

DJI Action 2 Specifications

  • Dimensions: 39 x 39 x 22.3mm
  • Waterproof: 10m without case, 60m with the Waterproof Case
  • Weight: 56g
  • Touchscreen: 1.76 inches
  • Sensor: 1/1.7″ CMOS
  • Lens: FOV: 155°f/2.8
  • ISO Range: Photo: 100–6400, Video: 100–6400
  • Electronic Shutter Speed: Photo: 1/8000–30s, Video: 1/8000s
  • Max Photo Res: 4000×3000
  • Digital Zoom: Photo: 4x, Video: up to 4x
  • Slow Motion Zoom: 2x
  • Photo Res: 12MP
  • Video Res: 4K
  • Operating Time: 70minutes
  • Operating Time with Power Module: 180 minutes
  • Charging Time with Power Module: 90 minutes

DJI Action 2 Price

Prices: So far I got:
: 349 GBP
: 439 EUR

More prices were discovered later in the day by Jasper Ellens.

Dji Action Prices

1. Only possible when connected with the Front Touchscreen Module.
2. ONLY THE ACTION 2 CAMERA UNIT IS WATERPROOF. THE FRONT TOUCHSCREEN MODULE AND POWER MODULE ARE NOT WATERPROOF. It is recommended to use the DJI Action 2 Waterproof Case if you intend on using DJI Action 2 underwater for long periods (such as when diving) or under high water pressure conditions (such as when cliff diving). The DJI Action 2 Camera Unit and its Waterproof Case have an IP68 waterproof rating. Do not use the camera in hot springs or expose it to corrosive liquids.
3. Maximum battery life was achieved when recording video at 1080p/30fps (Power Reserve mode) with electronic image stabilization disabled and under lab conditions.
4. Do not attach the adhesive base to walls or other surfaces with oil, water, dust, gravel, or other coarse particles to prevent the camera from falling due to an insecure connection.
5. When mounting DJI Action 2 to a car roof or window, be aware that excessive speed, strong winds, storms, or particles on the surfaces may affect the strength of the connection.
6. Maximum battery life was achieved when both transmitters were linked with the receiver, backup recording was disabled, and the receiver was connected to a camera.

Dji Action 2 Specs, Photos, 4K/120Fps Video, And More Leaked

Dji Action 2 Price, Specs, Photos, 4K/120Fps Video Leaked 2

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