Avy’s Drones Reach New Heights with Tulip’s Battery Tech

In a significant development for the aviation industry, electric aircraft manufacturer Avy has integrated Tulip's latest smart battery into their drones, resulting in nearly doubled flight times and expanded operational capabilities. This breakthrough is set to revolutionize the support Avy's drones can provide to emergency services.

Pioneering Partnership Pushes Boundaries

Avy, a Dutch manufacturer of drones used by the Dutch , Fire Department, and various EU medical logistics providers, has collaborated with long-standing partner Tulip, a Dutch producer of aviation-grade high-density batteries, to integrate a new battery system into their current aircraft line-up. This partnership has yielded impressive results, with the new battery enabling an 80% to 100% increase in flight time, reaching durations of 1.5 to 2 hours.

Patrique Zaman, founder of Avy, emphasized the significance of this development: “The integration of Tulip's advanced battery technology into our drones is a game-changer. It allows us to provide even better support to emergency services by reaching more locations and staying on-site longer.”

Next-Generation Battery Technology

Tulip's new battery boasts an array of cutting-edge features, including:

  • Enhanced Capacity: With a 35 Ah capacity, up from the previous 22Ah, the battery achieves an impressive energy density of 300.1 Wh/kg, including casing, electronics, and BMS.
  • Quasi-Solid State Battery Cell Technology: Utilizing quasi-solid state cell architecture, the battery offers superior energy density, enhanced safety, and increased longevity compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries, reaching up to 1000 cycles.
  • Advanced Battery Management System (BMS): Tulip's second-generation proprietary BMS technology enables precise state-of-charge (SoC) and state-of-power (SoP) predictions, optimizing flight planning and extending operational periods.

“Our focus is on creating the highest-performing batteries in the world,” stated Bernd Rietberg, CEO of Tulip Tech. “By constantly improving and integrating the best available technology, we ensure that our customers always receive the highest-performing battery for their product.”

Transforming Emergency Response

The integration of Tulip's advanced battery technology into Avy's drones is expected to significantly improve the operational support these aircraft can provide to emergency services. With extended flight times and the ability to reach more locations, Avy's drones will play an even more crucial role in delivering situational awareness and urgently required medical cargo.

The Avy Aera 4, certified to fly long distances beyond the line of sight over populated areas within the EU, is poised to transform emergency response operations. The combination of Avy's innovative aircraft design and Tulip's cutting-edge battery technology sets a new standard for the industry.

The Avy Aera with the new integrated Tulip battery will be available from Q4 2024, marking a new era in and its application in emergency services.

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