Israel’s 5G Revolution: Cando Drones and High Lander Make History

In a groundbreaking test flight, Cando DronesHigh Lander have successfully demonstrated the capabilities of 's new 5G MAX network, launched by Pelephone in collaboration with Ericsson. This milestone marks the beginning of a new era in drone connectivity and scalability, as the use and capabilities of drones continue to expand rapidly throughout 以色列.

The Need for Reliable Connectivity

The Israeli drone ecosystem has been in dire need of reliable connectivity to support the growing demands of drone operations in commercial, public, and security sectors. Pelephone's powerful new network is set to revolutionize the industry by providing the necessary infrastructure to support the integration of various drones into smart city management systems across Israel.

Yulia Katz, VP Strategy at Cando Drones, emphasized the significance of this development, stating, “We are entering a new era in which it will be possible to integrate various drones into smart city management systems in Israel, and we are proud to be the company that leads the field in Israel.”

Leveraging Advanced Technology

The historic test flight was executed using High Lander's Orion drone fleet management platform, a software solution that enables multiple simultaneous missions, flights, real-time cockpit mode, live video feed sharing, and more. These features require reliable, high-bandwidth telecommunications infrastructure, which Pelephone's 5G MAX network now provides.

Alon Abelson, CEO and co-founder of High Lander, highlighted the importance of this upgrade, saying, “Pelephone's new network will provide a crucial upgrade in the reliability and scalability of communications at a time when we are expecting more and more from our drones, both for business and for public safety.”

A New Era for Drones in Israel

Pelephone's VP of Marketing, Dror Bahat, emphasized the potential impact of the new 5G MAX network on various aspects of life, including drone operations. The company has opened its new network to additional companies and startups, inviting them to join and develop capabilities on the cutting-edge infrastructure.

As Israel continues to push the boundaries of and its applications, the successful test flight by Cando Drones and High Lander serves as a testament to the country's commitment to innovation and progress in the field of uncrewed aerial vehicles.

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