Us Targets Autel: Is National Security At Risk? 1

US Targets Autel: Is National Security at Risk?

Autel Drones Under Scrutiny: US Lawmakers Raise Security Concerns A bipartisan group of U.S. House lawmakers is raising alarms over Autel Robotics, a Chinese drone maker, citing significant national security concerns. This call for an investigation, as reported by Reuters,…

Drone Terror: New Age In Cartel Warfare

Drone Terror: New Age in Mexican Drug Cartel Warfare

The use of drones by Mexican drug cartels marks a significant evolution in the tactics of drug warfare, showcasing the changing landscape of conflict and the role of technology. This transformation is driven by the development of cheaper Drone Technology…

Defibrillator Drones Outpace Ambulances In Emergency Response 4

Defibrillator Drones Outpace Ambulances in Emergency Response

Speeding Up Cardiac Arrest Response with Defibrillator Drones Recent research has unveiled a significant advancement in emergency medical response: drones equipped with automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are reaching cardiac arrest scenes faster than traditional ambulances. This breakthrough has substantial implications,…

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