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Delivery drones held back by wind and rain says UPS CEO

Delivery Drones Held Back By Wind And Rain Says Ups Ceo

Delivery drones are held back by wind and rain, said UPS Chief Executive Officer Carol Tome earlier this week, according to Bloomberg. This photo shows a Matternet M2 drone, which was used in test flights in a hospital delivery network. Transport and logistics company, United Parcel Service has been testing with unmanned aircraft to make deliveries of packages to customers in their UPS Flight...

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DJI Matrice delivers AED within three minutes to save man’s life

Dji Matrice 600 Delivers Aed Within Three Minutes To Help Save Man'S Life

A 71-year-old man from Sweden who suffered a heart attack while clearing snow at the end of last year owes his life to the deployment of a DJI Matrice 600 with an automated external defibrillator (AED) on board. It is the first time in worldwide medical history that the delivery of an AED by drone has led to successful resuscitation.

Walmart starts experimenting with drone deliveries in Arkansas

Walmart Begins Experimenting With Drone Deliveries In Arkansas

Walmart, an American supermarket chain, has begun an experiment in which orders are delivered to customers via drone. To that end, Walmart has joined forces with the startup DroneUp. The drone deliveries will be tested in three different locations throughout the state of Arkansas. Customers can receive thousands of items from Walmart’s offer in less than a half-hour.

Avy unveils improved Aera drone and Drone Response Network

Avy Unveils Improved Aera Drone And Drone Response Network

Avy, a Dutch drone manufacturer, has launched an enhanced version of its Aera drone, with a greater flying range and the potential to deliver up to three kilograms of medical products. Avy is also releasing the Drone Response Network, a technology that can deliver drone coverage in a given location immediately. According to Avy creator Patrique Zaman, there is a significant demand for innovative...

Drone Delivery Canada introduces new drone with 12-mile range and 9 Lbs payload

Drone Delivery Canada Introduces New Drone With 12 Mile Range And 9 Lbs Payload

Drone Delivery Canada, a Canadian business, has unveiled a new delivery drone with a flying range of 12 miles and a payload capacity of 9 Lbs. The aircraft, dubbed the Canary, features a novel engine arrangement, employs cutting-edge battery technology, can leave a charge without touch, and optionally includes an emergency parachute. A speaker on the drone can be used to announce its arrival.

Wing launches world’s first drone delivery station on the mall’s top

Wing Launches World'S First Drone Delivery Station On The Mall'S Top

Wing, a Google subsidiary, has built the world’s first drone delivery service station on the top of a retail mall in Logan, Australia. To that purpose, the business has partnered with real estate developer Vicinity Centers. The idea is that shops would be able to service their consumers even quicker since there will be no need for take-off points on the ground.