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Dji Leaker Says Dji Mini 3 Release Date December 9Th - Dji Mini 3 With Dji Rc For Sale For $859.99 At Best Buy

DJI leaker says DJI Mini 3 release date December 9th

Long-time DJI leaker OsitaLV tweeted earlier today that the DJI Mini 3 release date might be as soon as December 9th. After having seen the marketing photos, the FCC filings, and the DJI Mini 3 on the shelves at Best…

Dji Augmented Reality Teased In Latest Video From Drone Maker

DJI Augmented Reality teased in latest video from drone maker

DJI Augmented Reality might be coming to your DJI Goggles. At least, that’s what the drone maker’s latest teaser video seems to suggest. DJI Global tweeted a 14-second video with the text, “But what if…” The video continues to show…

Dji Rc Will Be Compatible With The Dji Air 2S This Month

DJI RC will be compatible with the DJI AIR 2S later this month

This morning, we learned that the DJI RC remote controller will become compatible with the very popular DJI Air 2S later this month. This information was provided by @dealsdrone, who claimed that DJI Customer Support had verified it. Although DJI…