Drones for Good

Drone Vigilance Turns Tables On Teen Thief

Drone Vigilance Turns Tables on Teen Thief

In a remarkable turn of events, a California resident’s hobby turned into a crime-solving activity when his drone was instrumental in apprehending a suspect in a home invasion. The Hercules Police Department has honored the man for his unexpected contribution…

Drone Helps Rescue Mother

Drone helps rescue mother and son in Florida

A drone was a key player in a rescue operation that saw a mother and her son safely guided out of Weeki Wachee Preserve in Florida after they lost their way. The rescue, orchestrated by the Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies,…

How Do Zipline'S Silent Propellers Work?

How do the Zipline Silent Propellers Work?

In a recent video, YouTuber Mark Rober showcased some innovative Zipline drones that are designed to deliver medical supplies in Rwanda. While the drones themselves are impressive, there is one aspect of their design that has caught the attention of…