Drones for Good

Edible Drone Delivers Emergency Food To People In Need 4

Edible drone delivers emergency food to people in need

This edible drone provides emergency food to people in need by delivering its wings made of rice cakes and gelatin. The wings of this drone deliver a breakfast’s worth of mostly flavorless calories and were constructed using hexagonal laser-cut rice…

Radar Drone Measures Ice Sheets To Predict Sea Level Rise

Radar drone measures ice sheets and helps to predict sea level rise

Understanding the processes that drive large ice sheets in places like Greenland and Antarctica is essential for forecasting the future of climate change and sea level rise. Enter Stanford engineer Thomas Teisberg and the Peregrine autonomous radar drone. The Peregrine…

Autel Drone Donated To Seaside Police In New Jersey

Autel drone donated to Seaside Police Department in New Jersey

The Seaside Police Department in Seaside, New Jersey, applied for a drone donation to the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program on 7 And now, the department will receive a new Autel drone, accessories, and Part 107 training to start…