Drones for Agriculture

90-Year-Old Japanese Farmer Embraces Drone Technology

90-year-old Japanese farmer embraces drone technology

A 90-year-old Japanese farmer recently passed a drone training and flying exam. Mamoru Tanaka is sick of walking around his rice fields while carrying more than 60 pounds of fertilizer on his back. The goal is to deploy an agricultural…

Farmers Use Drones To Remotely Identify Livestock

Farmers use drones to remotely identify livestock

Drones make farming more efficient and more fun according to two ranchers who recently bought their own property just northeast of Cut Bank, Montana. They even use the drones to remotely identify their livestock by reading out the RFID tags…

Quaternium Hybrix Drone Opens New Opportunities For Farmers

Quaternium HYBRiX drone opens new opportunities for farmers

Drone spraying was first performed in Southeast Asian Countries and now is becoming more used in the US and Europe. With +1 hour of flight time carrying 10L of liquid, the Quaternium HYBRiX drone surpasses electric flight endurance making it…