Public Input Sought For Bvlos Drone Operations - The Federal Aviation Administration (Faa) Regulation That Would Designate Some Sensitive Locations As &Quot;No Drone Zones,&Quot; Which Is Known As &Quot;Section 2209,&Quot; Of The Faa Extension, Safety, And Security Act Of 2016 (Fessa), Has Been Postponed Again, And Its Implementation Is Now Scheduled To Take Place In February 2024 At The Earliest.

Public Input Sought for BVLOS Drone Operations

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is calling for public opinion on applications by four companies that aim to operate drones beyond the usual visual field of the pilot. Phoenix Air Unmanned, a company specializing in aerial data collection, along with…

Skyfire Consulting, A Public Safety Uas Consulting Group, Announced Today The Launch Of Skyfire Response, An All-Inclusive Solution For Drone First Responder (Dfr) Programs.

Revolutionizing Emergency Response: Skyfire’s Drone Solution

Skyfire Consulting, a public safety UAS consulting group, announced today the launch of Skyfire Response, an all-inclusive solution for Drone First Responder (DFR) programs. DFR programs revolutionize emergency response by deploying drones, enhancing public safety agencies’ capabilities and protecting communities.…

Ncdot Champions Unwavering Drone Safety

NCDOT Champions Unwavering Drone Safety

On the heels of National Drone Safety Day, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) urges operators to prioritize drone safety when piloting their unmanned aircraft systems. Inexperienced pilots and failure to follow safety guidelines can make drone operations hazardous.…