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Leaked Image Sparks Speculation Is This The New Dji Air 4 Drone?

Leaked Image: New DJI Air 4 Drone?

A recently leaked image by long-time DJI leaker Jasper Ellens has sparked speculation about the next iteration in the DJI Air drone series. The photo, shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), shows what appears to be a new DJI…

Ukrainian Troops Use Drones To Rescue Drones And More 6

Ukrainian Troops Use Drones to Rescue Drones and More

Ukrainian soldiers are using drones in innovative ways to recover lost equipment and gather intelligence. These drone rescues are not just about saving hobbyist gadgets but are a crucial part of modern warfare. Daring Drone Rescues Most drone users have…

The 5 Must Have Drone Shots You Need

The 5 MUST-HAVE Drone Shots You NEED

There are five types of shots that you really need to capture with a drone. 1. Establishing Shots The first kind of shot I always capture with a drone is establishing shots. These are probably the most often thought of…

Randall Warnass: The Man Behind Anzu Robotics?

Randall Warnas: The Man Behind Anzu Robotics?

Former Autel Robotics CEO Set to Unveil New Venture In a recent announcement, Randall Warnas, the former CEO of Autel Robotics in the USA, hinted at his involvement in a new, unannounced venture. The announcement, which features a distinct green…

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