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drone over nuclear power plant investigated by Swedish police

Swedish Police Investigate Drone Over Nuclear Power Plant

Swedish police launched a search last weekend for a large-sized drone that was spotted over the largest nuclear power plant in the country. The unmanned aerial vehicle was sighted from a police helicopter but disappeared from view after some time. There were also reports of drones over other nuclear power plants last week. The incident has been linked to increased tensions between Russia and NATO...

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Felon with 29 prior convictions who shot down police drone with illegal firearm will be prosecuted

Felon With 29 Prior Convictions Who Shot Down Police Drone With Illegal Firearm Will Be Prosecuted

Earlier this summer a felon with 29 prior convictions shot down a police drone with an illegal firearm in Florida. A federal grand jury has indicted the man for shooting down an unmanned aircraft, and the United States Attorney’s office for the Middle District of Florida announced that he will in fact be prosecuted. If convicted the man could face up to 30 years in prison. This is the first time...

FAA: Embraer 175 did not collide with drone, but with party balloon

Faa: Embraer 175 Did Not Collide With Drone, But With Party Balloon

Contrary to previous reports, an Embraer 175 that took off from Chicago O’Hare Airport last week did not collide with a drone, but with a party balloon. This is reported by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) after an investigation. A sound fragment in which the pilot claims to have hit a drone was picked up worldwide by the media and caused a lot of unrest in aviation circles.

Canadian police drone destroyed after collision with Cessna

Canadian Police Drone Destroyed After Collision With Cessna

At the beginning of this month, a Canadian police drone of the DJI Matrice 210 type collided with a Cessna carrying two people during deployment by a Canadian police force. The aircraft was damaged at the front but was able to be grounded safely. The drone was completely destroyed. This is not the first time that a Canadian police drone has collided with a manned aircraft.

Former Gatwick drone incident suspects: “Police try to cover up failure”

A Couple Who Were Mistakenly Detained Now Suspect The Police Of Covering Up The Gatwick Drone Incident To Protect Their Own Reputation.

At the end of 2018, London Gatwick Airport was closed for several days due to a number of drone sightings. A search was made for both drones and their operators, but no evidence was provided for the drone flights. A couple who were mistakenly detained now suspect the police of covering up the Gatwick drone incident to protect their own reputation.

Drone show in China goes horribly wrong: dozens of drones crashed

Drone Show In China Goes Horribly Wrong: Dozens Of Drones Crashed

Drone shows are often touted as an eco-friendly and safe alternative to traditional fireworks. But that safety is only relative, according to a recent drone incident in Shanghai. There, during a drone show, dozens of drones suddenly fell down, resulting in several injuries. Although the show took place above water, shipping traffic was not stopped.

US chopper pilots claim highly customized drone “performed like no other”

Us Chopper Pilots Claim A Highly Customized Drone &Quot;Performed Like No Other&Quot;

US helicopter pilots claim a highly customized drone “performed like no other” in eluding capture. The facts of an inquiry into illegal drone activities that occurred in Tuscon, Arizona, in February were published Tuesday by records obtained by a military, defense, and geopolitics website, the details of which suggest exceedingly unusual drone behavior.