Greg Reverdiau

Greg Reverdiau

House To Ban Dji, Faa'S Public Opinion Change, Cuas Ark, Monroe County Win

House to Ban DJI, FAA’s Public Opinion Change, cUAS ARK, Monroe County WIN

Welcome to this week’s Unmanned Tactical Group and Pilot Institute’s Public Safety UAS News Update. On today’s agenda, we’re going to be talking about the Federal House of Representatives House Bill H-6572, which is a full ban on DJI across…

Public Safety Drone News: Ca &Amp; Tx Bills, Dji Fined $279 Million, Training And Conference Overview

Public Safety Drone News: CA & TX Bills, DJI Fined $279 Million, Training and Conference Overview

How’s it going, everybody? Welcome to our very first webcast with the Pilot Institute, an Unmanned Tactical Group partnership. We aim to provide you with up-to-date News specifically related to public safety. We plan to host these webcasts every other…