Check Out This Drone Video: Unseen Mongolia

Check out this drone video: Unseen Mongolia

Mongolia has been featured before in the drone video section on DroneXL. It’s high time to show new images made by Bashir Abu Shakra of this beautiful country. He spent 18 days in one of the most remote areas of…

Dji Mavic 3 Vs Hong Kong: Cyber ​​Punk City

DJI Mavic 3 vs Hong Kong: Cyber ​​Punk City

The DJI Mavic 3 received a lot of criticism shortly after its launch. For example, many important features were absent, there were many complaints about the operation via DJI Pilot, and there were grievances about the telephoto lens. However, in…

Ehang Performs The First Long-Range Drone Taxi Test Flights

EHang performs the first long-range drone taxi test flights

EHang, a Chinese firm, has successfully completed a series of long-distance test flights in restricted airspace with both a two-person EHang 216 drone taxi and a Falcon freight drone. The flights were conducted in Estonia as part of a European…

Dji Mini Se Specs Shown On The Dji Brasil Website

DJI Mini SE specs shown on the DJI Brasil website

Today we noticed that the new DJI Mini SE is already visible on the DJI Brasil website. Let’s take a closer look at the DJI Mini SE specs and some of the photos of this attractively priced but low-end specced…

Illegal Drone Jammers Bought On Chinese Trading Platform

Illegal drone jammers bought on Chinese trading platform

Although the purchase and use of jammers is not allowed in most Countries, it appears to be no problem to get illegal drone jammers via Chinese suppliers. This is shown in research by the magazine Engineering & Technology. Without asking…

Sky Drone Joins Nvidia Incubator Program

Sky Drone joins Nvidia incubator program

The Hong Kong-based maker of drone connectivity units, Sky Drone joined the Nvidia incubator program to develop AI processing for 4G and 5G connected drones. Sky Drone joins Nvidia incubator program The fact that Sky Drone joined the Nvidia incubator…

Volocopter To Start Electric Air Taxi Service In Singapore

Volocopter to start electric air taxi service in Singapore

The German company Volocopter will operate an electric air taxi service in the Asian city of Singapore. To this end, a partnership has been entered into with the Economic Development Board of Singapore (EDB) and the Civil Aviation Authority of…

Gas Sensor Drones Help To Predict Volcanic Eruptions

Gas sensor drones help to predict volcanic eruptions

An international team led by University College London (UCL) uses gas sensor drones, spectrometers, and sampling devices that open and close automatically to help predict volcanic eruptions more accurately.