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Drone points lifeguards to swimmer in distress off Famara Beach in Lanzarote, Spain

Spanish lifeguard organization, Emerlan posted the following video on Facebook. The video shows how a drone points lifeguards to a swimmer in distress off the Famara Beach in Lanzarote, Spain.

Flightless drone created by 80-year-old mechanic is a work-of-art [video]

A flightless drone created by an 80-year-old mechanic is truly a work-of-art. The unmanned aircraft consists of 265 handcrafted pieces, 362 screws, and 1,560 hours of work and you can admire it in the video...

Drone light show over Madrid to pay tribute to coronavirus victims and emergency services

On June 26th a drone light show was organized over Madrid, Spain to pay tribute to the coronavirus victims and emergency services. The show consisted of 40 drones that created various figures and spelled out...

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