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49 DJI Agras T20 drones sold in a single transaction

Soon after DJI officially released the DJI Agras T20, Alpha Drones USA, and commercial drone distributor, Empire Drone agreed to the sale of 49 Agras T20 drones. The T20 is the successor to DJI’s Agras...

As DJI officially announces the Agras T20, it launches the T10 and T30 in China

DJI officially announces the agricultural drone, the Agras T20, while at the same time introducing its new flagship, the Agras T30, and smaller T10 in China, during the DJI Dajing conference in Shenzhen.

COVID-19: Disinfecting with drones at Chicagoland Park, Illinois

Aerial Influence just posted this video on YouTube that shows how the company is using the DJI Agras MG-1S and the DJI Agras T16 drones to disinfect the Chicagoland Park and kill the Coronavirus. This was...

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