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Thermal drone finds missing woman in seconds

An unconscious woman who had been reported missing was found by a thermal drone within seconds after taking off. She was found at the edge of a dark field near Leicestershire, in the United Kingdom

Felon with 29 prior convictions who shot down police drone with illegal firearm will be prosecuted

Earlier this summer a felon with 29 prior convictions shot down a police drone with an illegal firearm in Florida. A federal grand jury has indicted the man for shooting down an unmanned aircraft, and the...

PiXL Drone Show #27 – Brinc Drones, a new law enforcement drone

In this latest episode of our PIXL Drone Show, we talk to Angad Singh from Brinc Drones about a novel solution to the problems of indoor sUAS flying. We also discussed remote ID, field repairs, and other...

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