Drone Act Of 2022 Criminalizes Dangerous Use Of Drones

Drone Act of 2022 criminalizes dangerous use of drones

The Drone Act of 2022, a bipartisan bill pushed by four representatives, aims to criminalize the dangerous use of drones. Activities that are already illegal under current laws and regulations. Under the provisions of the Drone Act of 2022, people…

Drone Used To Smuggle Drugs Across Mexico Border

Drone used to smuggle drugs across Mexico border

Two US citizens were arrested by Yuma Sector agents on Thursday, November 5 after they picked up multiple packages of drugs that were dropped by a drone after smuggling the Contraband across the Mexico border.

Weed Dropped Over Tel Aviv With High-Flying Drone 3

Weed dropped over Tel Aviv with high-flying drone

On Thursday, weed was dropped over Rabin Square in Tel Aviv with a high-flying drone by activists seeking to legalize the drug in Israel. The free weed was promised by the activists on social media beforehand.

Drones Used To Capture Mexico'S Drug Boss 'El Marro'

Drones used to capture Mexico’s drug boss ‘El Marro’

Drones were used to capture one of Mexico’s top drug bosses, who never slept at the same location for two nights in a row. After receiving a tip, Mexican authorities monitored four houses for 72 hours before launching the raid…