Counter Drone Technology

Israel'S Arrow 3 Missile System: A Game Changer In Defense 1

Israel’s Arrow 3 Missile System: A Game Changer in Defense

Israel’s state-of-the-art Arrow 3 missile defense system demonstrated its capabilities by successfully repelling a massive attack from Iran in April. The performance of this advanced system, which cost an estimated $800 million, highlights its efficiency in neutralizing a diverse array…

The Growing Threat Of Hostile Drones In Urban Areas

The Growing Threat of Hostile Drones in Urban Areas

A Call for Public Authorities to Prepare for the Emerging Drone Threat In a recent report, the Counter Terrorism Preparedness Network (CTPN) has highlighted the urgent need for public authorities to prepare for the increasingly complex threat posed by unmanned… Unveils Drone Detection App For Android 2 Unveils Drone Detection App for Android

Leading the charge in drone detection and airspace security, proudly announced the launch of its Android app. Available now for download on Google Play Store, this revolutionary app offers real-time detection and drone identification data. It is important to…