Counter Drone Technology

The Drone Interceptor: Cross Between Racing Drone And Spiderman

The Drone Interceptor: cross between racing drone and Spiderman

The Ukrainian-born and raised drone developer, Aleksey Zaitsevsky, has developed a very special anti-drone drone: the Drone Interceptor. This is a counter-drone system that can be used to immobilize unwanted drones using a safety net. What is special is that…

Swisscom And Dedrone Will Provide Anti-Drone Technology To Swiss Firms

Swisscom and Dedrone will provide anti-drone technology to Swiss firms

Dedrone, a San Francisco-based airspace security firm, has teamed with Swisscom Broadcast, a European telecommunications operator, to safeguard Swiss businesses from uninvited drones. The purpose is to defend vital infrastructure, airports, and big event venues using Dedrone’s detection, identification, and…

Nato Publishes Two-Year-Old Video Of Counter-Drone Program

NATO publishes two-year-old video of counter-drone program

For some reason, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) decided to launch a two-year-old video of their counter-drone program. In the video, it is said that NATO scientists are creating a signature database of small UAVs to help Countries develop their…

France Tests Anti-Drone Laser For 2024 Olympics

France tests anti-drone laser for 2024 Olympics

The French army says it has successfully completed a series of tests with an anti-drone laser to be deployed at the time of the 2024 Olympic Games, which will be held in Paris. The laser system may even be deployed…

Eu Invests €15 Million In Europe-Wide Anti-Drone Project

EU invests €15 million in Europe-wide anti-drone project

Under the acronym JEY-CUAS – which stands for “Joint European System for Countering Unmanned Aerial Systems – the European Union will invest no less than 15 million euros in the development of a new generation of anti-drone measures, also referred…

Illegal Drone Jammers Bought On Chinese Trading Platform

Illegal drone jammers bought on Chinese trading platform

Although the purchase and use of jammers is not allowed in most Countries, it appears to be no problem to get illegal drone jammers via Chinese suppliers. This is shown in research by the magazine Engineering & Technology. Without asking…

Counter-Drone System Installed At Belgrade Airport

Counter-drone system installed at Belgrade Airport

To maintain air traffic security, a counter-drone system has been installed at the Belgrade Aiport, better known as the Nikola Tesla Airport, as well as nine security scanners from Rohde & Schwarz.