Powerline Inspections: Nsw Leads With Drone Technology 1

Powerline Inspections: NSW Leads with Drone Technology

A New Era in Utility Management with Drone Tech In an unprecedented move in New South Wales (NSW), Endeavour Energy has embarked on a transformative journey, deploying advanced Drone Technology across 13,000 kilometers of powerlines for inspections. This innovative approach…

Google’s Wing Starts World’s First Mall-To-Home Drone Delivery Service

Wing’s 2023: A Milestone Year for Scaling Drone Operations

Unprecedented Growth and Innovation in Drone Delivery 2023 has marked a pivotal year for Wing, characterized by significant advancements and partnerships in the drone delivery industry. The company has not only developed innovative technology systems like modular, portable nests and…

Malfunction Turns Drone Light Show Aquatic 4

Malfunction Turns Drone Light Show Aquatic

Friday night’s friendly soccer game of the Matildas, Australia’s women’s team, saw an unexpected aquatic show at the Docklands. More than a hundred drones, intended to light up the sky with messages of support, malfunctioned and took a nosedive into…