New Website Helps To Find Stolen Drones

New website helps to find stolen drones

In addition to a fly-away or crash, there is another very annoying way to lose your drone, namely theft. Unfortunately, in practice, it turns out to be virtually impossible to get stolen drones back, since manufacturers offer few tools in…

Dallas Residents Can Have Groceries Delivered By Drone From Today

Groceries delivered by drone for Dallas residents starting today

Residents of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, can have their groceries delivered by drone from drugstore chain Walgreens starting today. To this end, Walgreens has partnered with Google’s sister company, Wing. It is the first time Wing will offer its drone delivery…

Wing Delivery Drone Attacked By A Raven In Midair

Wing delivery drone attacked by a raven in midair

A raven attacks a Wing delivery drone, causing it to halt certain deliveries in Australia. Drone deliveries in a section of Canberra, Australia, have been halted due to frequent bird assaults. Google’s sister company, Wing, the service provider, said that…

Robert Irwin'S Stunning Drone Photo Was Legal - Steve Irwin'S Son Wins Prize With Bushfire Drone Photo

Robert Irwin’s stunning drone photo was legal

Robert Irwin’s award-winning bushfire drone photo stirred up some controversy as in almost all cases it is illegal to fly your drone near wildfires as you risk interfering with aerial firefighting activities. However, Robert Irwin’s drone photo, which was taken… Drone News Daily

Daily Drone News – Monday December 14, 2020

Here are today’s most important drone news articles. We publish this post every weekday at 5:30 p.m. Some of these stories are from and some of them will be from other sources. If you’d like to receive this in an…