Belgium Has A First With The First Drone Transport Of Human Tissue

Belgium has a first with drone transport of human tissue

Human tissue was flown between two hospitals in Antwerp on Monday using a drone. According to those involved, this is the first time that drone transport of human tissue has happened in Europe. In the near future, drones will have…

Dji M300 Inspection Drone Shot At And Damaged

DJI M300 inspection drone shot at and damaged

An expensive DJI M300 inspection drone from the Dutch company Zero Gravity Drone was shot at with an air rifle by an angry vacationer last week. The drone was damaged and can no longer be used for the time being.…

Speaker Drone Chases Birds Away At Brussels Airport

Speaker drone chases birds away at Brussels Airport

During a test at Brussels Airport, a loudspeaker-equipped drone was deployed to drive away birds while the airport remained open for business. The goal was to see how far speaker drones could be deployed safely for bird control at an…