Speaker drone chases birds away at Brussels Airport

Speaker Drone Chases Birds Away At Brussels Airport

During a test at Brussels Airport, a loudspeaker-equipped drone was deployed to drive away birds while the airport remained open for business. The goal was to see how far speaker drones could be deployed safely for bird control at an airport. The exercise was carried out by Brussels Airport’s Bird Control Unit in conjunction with air traffic control Skeyes and drone operator Citymesh.

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Drone inspects high-voltage route over a distance of 60 miles in Belgium

Drone Inspects High-Voltage Route Over A Distance Of 60 Miles In Belgium

The Belgian surveying company Vansteelandt recently successfully inspected a high-voltage route of the Belgian grid operator Elia in Belgium by means of a drone. What is special is that a distance of no less than 60 miles was covered. The drone inspection was carried out with the SDO 50 V2 helicopter drone from the Swiss manufacturer SwissDrones. EuroUSC and SkeyDrone took care of the application...

Port of Antwerp world’s first seaport to manage all drone traffic

Port Of Antwerp World'S First Seaport To Manage All Drone Traffic

In Belgium, the Port of Antwerp is the first seaport in the world to manage all drone traffic over its own territory. To this end, the port company has entered into a partnership with Unifly. Drone operators who wish to operate a flight over the port area must request permission in advance via an online portal. The port authority will also monitor unwanted drone flights.

Belgian police drone drops handcuffs at hostage-taker

Belgian Police Drone Drops Handcuffs At Hostage-Taker

A hostage situation in the Belgian town of Halle ended in a very remarkable way last weekend. The police used a drone to drop handcuffs on a hostage-taker who was about to surrender. After the suspect handcuffed himself, the police were able to arrest him. As far as is known, it is the first time that a police drone has been used in this way.

Increasing criticism of surveillance by police drones; Belgium starts privacy research

Increasing Criticism Of Surveillance By Police Drones; Belgium Starts Privacy Research

The use of police drones to enforce corona measures or to monitor demonstrations is increasing resistance. According to privacy experts, the risk of invasion of privacy is increasing. In Belgium, the Minister of Justice has even protested against the intention of the police to use drones to monitor compliance with corona measures during New Year’s Eve.