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Drone Delivery Canada introduces new drone with 12-mile range and 9 Lbs payload

Drone Delivery Canada Introduces New Drone With 12 Mile Range And 9 Lbs Payload

Drone Delivery Canada, a Canadian business, has unveiled a new delivery drone with a flying range of 12 miles and a payload capacity of 9 Lbs. The aircraft, dubbed the Canary, features a novel engine arrangement, employs cutting-edge battery technology, can leave a charge without touch, and optionally includes an emergency parachute. A speaker on the drone can be used to announce its arrival.

Canadian police drone destroyed after collision with Cessna

Canadian Police Drone Destroyed After Collision With Cessna

At the beginning of this month, a Canadian police drone of the DJI Matrice 210 type collided with a Cessna carrying two people during deployment by a Canadian police force. The aircraft was damaged at the front but was able to be grounded safely. The drone was completely destroyed. This is not the first time that a Canadian police drone has collided with a manned aircraft.