Trial With Sulfur-Sniffing Drones Above Cargo Ships Continues

Trial with sulfur-sniffing drones over cargo ships continues

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), in collaboration with the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency, will deploy sulfur-sniffing drones over the Baltic Sea. The goal is to catch cargo ships with too high a sulfur content in their fuel.…

16 Thermal Drones Donated To Ukraine To Fight Russian Army

16 thermal drones donated to Ukraine to fight Russian army

We just learned that Ukraine received 16 thermal drones to help defend their country against the Russian army. The drones seem to be the EVO II Dual 640T from Autel Robotics. These unmanned aircraft come with a powerful thermal camera…

Easa Introduces Standard For European Drone Map

EASA introduces standard for European drone map to clear confusion

The European aviation agency EASA has recently made an update available on the European regulations for drones. This includes a standard for the introduction of ‘geographical zones’ which should ensure that there is an unambiguous drone map of Europe. The…