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German researchers develop rescue drone that recognizes calls for help

German Researchers Develop Rescue Drone That Can Recognize Calls For Help

German researchers have developed a rescue drone that can recognize calls for help from people on the ground and link a position to it. The aim is to be able to start aid faster and more effectively after a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flood. During initial field tests, the drone was able to locate someone on the ground within seconds.

SARDO experimental drone tracks missing person via cell phone

Experimental Drone Tracks Missing Person Via Cell Phone

The German research institute NEC Laboratories Europe has developed a drone that is able to track missing persons based on the signal from their mobile phone. To this end, the SARDO (Search-And-Rescue DrOne) experimental drone has an AI-based system that determines an increasingly accurate position determination during the flight. It is also possible to contact the owner of a phone via the drone...

German emergency response organization orders Volocopter air ambulances

German Emergency Response Organization Orders Volocopter Air Ambulances

The German emergency response organization ADAC Luftrettung has placed an order for two electrically powered VoloCity air taxis with Volocopter. These are two-person aircraft that can take off and land vertically, just like a helicopter or drone. The first test flights are planned for 2023. The air ambulances are expected to be operational from 2025 onwards.