India Tightens Security: Bars Chinese Parts In Military Drones

India Tightens Security: Bars Chinese Parts in Military Drones

In a move underscoring escalating security concerns, India has taken a stringent step against using Chinese-made components in its military drones. The decision was made in light of apprehensions about potential security vulnerabilities, as reported by defense and industry insiders.…

Autel Dragonfish

FWPD’s new Autel Dragonfish drone expected to save lives

The Fort Wayne Police department is nearing a new addition to its arsenal. Last week’s city council meeting approved purchasing an Autel Dragonfish Standard Drone for $119,500. The department expects to begin using the drone within the next three months.…

Bird Of Prey Attacks Fpv Drone In Midair

Bird of prey attacks FPV drone in midair [video]

Towards the end of this video, you can see a bird of prey suddenly appearing and attacking an FPV drone in midair. While the footage is spectacular it is best to avoid any interactions and disturbances between drones and wildlife.

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