In Addition To The Drone Factory, Ukrainian Forces Also Carried Out A Strike On Russia'S Third-Largest Oil Refinery Located In The City Of Nizhnekamsk, According To Local Telegram Channels Reporting On The Attack.

Ukraine Strikes Russian Drone Factory 800 miles Away

In an unprecedented move, Ukraine has targeted facilities in Russia’s Tatarstan Republic, located 800 miles from the Ukrainian border. The attacks, carried out by drones on April 2, aimed at disrupting the production of Shahed-type attack drones and Russia’s third-largest…

Kansas Lawmakers Target Foreign Adversaries In Security Bills 2

Kansas Lawmakers Target Foreign Adversaries in Security Bills

The Kansas House of Representatives has taken steps to address potential national security threats from Countries deemed “of concern,” including China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Venezuela. Three bills were given initial approval, targeting foreign-made drones, investments, and property…

The Uk And Allies Equip Ukraine With Ai Swarm Drones 4

The UK and Allies Equip Ukraine with AI Swarm Drones

In a groundbreaking move that could reshape the dynamics of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the United Kingdom, alongside the United States and other allies, is setting the stage for a technological revolution on the battlefield. The collaboration aims to supply…

Ukraine'S Game-Changer: The 'Ironclad' Combat Drone 5

Ukraine’s Game-Changer: The ‘Ironclad’ Combat Drone

The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has witnessed a groundbreaking development with Ukraine’s introduction of the “Ironclad” combat drone. This remotely-operated vehicle, equipped with advanced weaponry and technology, marks a significant shift in the dynamics of modern warfare. The…

Russia To Ramp Up Drone Production Amid Ongoing Conflict 8

Russia to Ramp Up Drone Production Amid Ongoing Conflict

Russia has set an ambitious target to produce over 32,000 drones annually by 2030, a significant increase from current levels. This plan was revealed by First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov, who mentioned that domestic producers are expected to cover 70% of this market.