Vacuuming Drone Clears Wasp Nests In Japan

Vacuuming drone clears wasp nests in Japan

The Japanese pest control company Duskin Co. has come up with a new way to safely remove wasp nests. The company developed a drone with a vacuum cleaner on board, with which the insects can be safely sucked out of…

90-Year-Old Japanese Farmer Embraces Drone Technology

90-year-old Japanese farmer embraces drone technology

A 90-year-old Japanese farmer recently passed a drone training and flying exam. Mamoru Tanaka is sick of walking around his rice fields while carrying more than 60 pounds of fertilizer on his back. The goal is to deploy an agricultural…

Drones Form Scannable Qr Code Over Shanghai Skyline

Drones form scannable QR code over Shanghai skyline

A drone light show with no less than 1,500 drones above the Shanghai skyline in China recently ended in a very special way. The luminous aircraft together formed a gigantic scannable QR code. Anyone who scanned the code with their…