Foodora Tests Fast Food Delivery By Drone In Sweden

Foodora tests fast food delivery by drone in Sweden

The Scandinavian food delivery service Foodora has conducted a pilot project with McDonald’s Sweden on food delivery by drone. People on the beach at Gustavsberg (near Stockholm) could order McDonald’s via the Foodora app and have it delivered to a…

Drones Will Help Totalenergies To Reduce Methane Emissions

Drones will help TotalEnergies to reduce methane emissions

French oil company TotalEnergies is launching a drone-based program to detect methane emissions in all its oil and gas companies. The global project will use technology for measuring greenhouse gases, called Airborne Ultralight Spectrometer for Environmental Applications (AUSEA). Drones with…

Dutch Company Introduces Remote Id Addon

Dutch company introduces Remote ID addon

The Dutch company BlueMark Innovations has released a Remote ID addon with which the position of nearby flying drones and the associated operator numbers can be made visible on a smartphone or special receiver. In the future, such an addon…