Customs Drone Team to fight drug smuggling in Netherlands

Customs Drone Team To Fight Drug Smuggling In Netherlands

A special Customs Drone Team has been set up in the Netherlands to fight drug smuggling and other crimes in the port of Rotterdam. Dutch customs are increasingly using drones to monitor port areas and coastal regions. This not only concerns surveillance to combat drug smuggling but also assistance with arrests. Currently, drones are mainly used in the port area of ​​Rotterdam, but in the future...

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Drones used in search for WWII resistance fighters in The Netherlands

Drones Used In Search Of Wwii Resistance Fighters In The Netherlands

During the Second World War, more than 250 Dutch resistance fighters were executed on the Waalsdorpervlakte, an area in between Wassenaar and The Hague in The Netherlands. It’s possible that not all bodies were discovered after the war. New research, which will include the use of a drone, is required to provide clarity about the remaining victims. The only issue is that the plain has been...

Avy unveils improved Aera drone and Drone Response Network

Avy Unveils Improved Aera Drone And Drone Response Network

Avy, a Dutch drone manufacturer, has launched an enhanced version of its Aera drone, with a greater flying range and the potential to deliver up to three kilograms of medical products. Avy is also releasing the Drone Response Network, a technology that can deliver drone coverage in a given location immediately. According to Avy creator Patrique Zaman, there is a significant demand for innovative...

Port of Rotterdam Authority will use fixed-wing drones for surveillance

Port Of Rotterdam Authority Will Use Fixed-Wing Drones For Surveillance

In order to increase safety in the Rotterdam port region, the Port of Rotterdam Authority intends to employ drones to monitor and conduct inspections in the future. Several test flights using a fixed-wing drone from the Dutch firm Avy were recently conducted in preparation for this. A makeshift drone command center even developed on the Yangtze Canal’s quayside.

First BVLOS drone flight from Dutch airport has occurred

First Bvlos Drone Flight From Dutch Airport Has Occurred

Groningen Airport Eelde in The Netherlands has lofty goals for sustainable electric flight and hydrogen-powered flight. The airport inked a collaboration deal with the British company Electron Aviation during a ceremony on Thursday. In addition, for the first time, a BVLOS drone flight was performed in the regulated airspace of a Dutch airport when the pilot was not there.

Circuit Zandvoort designated as a no-fly zone for drones during Formula 1

Circuit Zandvoort Designated As A No-Fly Zone For Drones During Formula 1

Drone pilots who want to make aerial recordings of the Grand Prix for Formula 1 at the Zandvoort circuit at the beginning of September should not do that. The area in The Netherlands has been temporarily designated as a no-fly zone for drones. Not only because of the safety of the spectators in the stands but also in connection with taking off and landing helicopters at the relevant location.