Dutch Company Introduces Remote Id Addon

Dutch company introduces Remote ID addon

The Dutch company BlueMark Innovations has released a Remote ID addon with which the position of nearby flying drones and the associated operator numbers can be made visible on a smartphone or special receiver. In the future, such an addon…

Scientists Let Drone Swarm Fly Through Dense Forest

Scientists let drone swarm fly through dense forest

A team of Chinese scientists has managed to fly a drone swarm of ten drones through a dense bamboo forest. To this end, each drone was equipped with stereo cameras and an onboard computer for processing data and communicating with…

Austria To Start Digital Air Traffic Control With Drones In 2023 12

Austria to start digital air traffic control with drones in 2023

The Austrian aviation authority, Austro Control, has entered into a partnership with the specialist ICT company Frequentis to develop a digital air traffic control system for drones. In this way, the growing number of drone flights must be safely integrated…