Suspicious Drones Seen Near Norwegian Offshore Oil Platforms

Suspicious drones seen near Norwegian offshore oil platforms

Norwegian Police have launched an investigation into several sightings of suspicious drones near oil and gas platforms on the Norwegian continental shelf. Drones have been sighted near the platforms six times in recent weeks. TotalEnergies has also reported drones on…

Singing Drone Fails To Lure Orca Back To Sea

Singing drone fails to lure orca back to sea

An attempt to use a singing drone to lure a lost orca in the River Seine in Paris, France, back out to sea failed last weekend. The rescue crew used a drone that broadcast a whale song to no avail.…

Dairy Delivery By Drone During Tests In Norway

Dairy Delivery by drone during tests in Norway

In Norway, TINE is testing dairy Delivery by Drone in partnership with Aviant, a company that uses drones for the delivery of medical samples and products. The first delivery of dairy by drone took place in December. Project manager and…

After Success In Switzerland, We Now See Drones Being Used To Save Baby Deer In Norway As Well. Drones With Thermal Cameras Are Used To Scan The Fields For Any Baby Deer Before The Mowers Come.

Thermal drones save baby deer in Norway

After success in Switzerland, we now see drones being used to save baby deer in Norway as well. Drones with thermal cameras are used to scan the fields for any baby deer before the mowers come.