Nato Fund Backs German Startup'S Battlefield Bots 1

NATO Fund Backs German Startup’s Battlefield Bots

€9M Seed Round for ARX Robotics’ Self-Driving Military Robots In a significant move, the NATO Innovation Fund (NIF) has invested in ARX Robotics, a German startup developing self-driving robots for military use. The Munich-based company raised €9 million ($9.8 million)…

Meet Germany’s New Drone Killer: The Skyranger 30 3

Meet Germany’s new drone killer: the Skyranger 30

Rheinmetall Unveils Skyranger 30: A New Era in Air Defense Rheinmetall, a leading German defense conglomerate, has reached a significant milestone in the development of its Skyranger 30 air defense system. In December 2023, the system’s A1 configuration underwent a…

High-Flying Heroics: Grubb'S Drone-Assisted Base Jump Stunt

High-Flying Heroics: Grubb’s Drone-Assisted BASE Jump Stunt

Grubb’s Daring Drone-to-Dive Debut! In an awe-inspiring display of daring and innovation, American wakeskating pioneer and three-time world champion Brian Grubb recently achieved a world-first feat, merging the realms of drone wakeskating and BASE jumping in a breathtaking stunt titled…

Dufour'S Aero 2 Breaks Barriers In Drone Technology

Dufour’s Aero 2 Breaks Barriers in Drone Technology

Dufour Aerospace, the Swiss-based eVTOL aircraft developer, has revealed the final design for its Aero 2 cargo drone. This unveiling came after the successful maiden flight of its third prototype, dubbed the X2.2, at the Dübendorf airfield near Zurich in…

European Drone Regulations Adopted By Switzerland

European drone regulations adopted by Switzerland

The joint committee of the bilateral agreement between Switzerland and the European Union on air transport decided on November 24, 2022, that Switzerland should follow European drone regulations and other EU laws. Drone pilots will be subject to new laws…

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