Matternet Announces Urban Drone Delivery Network In Switzerland

Matternet announces urban drone delivery network in Switzerland

Matternet will start developing an urban drone delivery network in Switzerland on January 1, 2023. The company announced this in a press release. To this end, Matternet is taking over all drone-related activities from the Swiss Post. Matternet will be…

Swisscom And Dedrone Will Provide Anti-Drone Technology To Swiss Firms

Swisscom and Dedrone will provide anti-drone technology to Swiss firms

Dedrone, a San Francisco-based airspace security firm, has teamed with Swisscom Broadcast, a European telecommunications operator, to safeguard Swiss businesses from uninvited drones. The purpose is to defend vital infrastructure, airports, and big event venues using Dedrone’s detection, identification, and…

Thermal Drones Helped Save 476 Fawns In Switzerland

Thermal drones helped save 476 fawns in Switzerland

For the third time this spring, large-scale drones outfitted with thermal imaging sensors were utilized to rescue fawns in, Graubünden, Switzerland. In 2021, 140 more animals were saved than in the previous year.

Switzerland Establishes The World'S First Remote Id Network For Drones

Switzerland establishes the world’s first Remote ID network for drones

In Switzerland, the world’s first Remote ID network for drones just went live. The technology, dubbed Network Remote Identification (NET-RID), may be used to communicate information on drone flights and operators with aviation authorities, law enforcement, other airspace users, and…

Indago 3 Drone From Lockheed Martin Selected By Swiss Army

Indago 3 drone from Lockheed Martin selected by Swiss Army

The Indago 3 drone from Lockheed Martin has been selected by the Swiss Army for tactical reconnaissance and surveillance. The contract includes unmanned aircraft as well as spares, training, technological support, and additional systems.

Faa Updates Part 107 Knowledge Exam Rules For Drone Pilots Line-Of-Sight

U.S. – Swiss drone agreement announced by the FAA

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Switzerland Federal Office of Civil Aviation today announced that they have reached an agreement in harmonizing domestic and international safety standards for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).