Meet Germany’s New Drone Killer: The Skyranger 30 1

Meet Germany’s new drone killer: the Skyranger 30

Rheinmetall Unveils Skyranger 30: A New Era in Air Defense Rheinmetall, a leading German defense conglomerate, has reached a significant milestone in the development of its Skyranger 30 air defense system. In December 2023, the system’s A1 configuration underwent a…

High-Flying Heroics: Grubb'S Drone-Assisted Base Jump Stunt

High-Flying Heroics: Grubb’s Drone-Assisted BASE Jump Stunt

Grubb’s Daring Drone-to-Dive Debut! In an awe-inspiring display of daring and innovation, American wakeskating pioneer and three-time world champion Brian Grubb recently achieved a world-first feat, merging the realms of drone wakeskating and BASE jumping in a breathtaking stunt titled…

Dufour'S Aero 2 Breaks Barriers In Drone Technology

Dufour’s Aero 2 Breaks Barriers in Drone Technology

Dufour Aerospace, the Swiss-based eVTOL aircraft developer, has revealed the final design for its Aero 2 cargo drone. This unveiling came after the successful maiden flight of its third prototype, dubbed the X2.2, at the Dübendorf airfield near Zurich in…