Swisscom and Dedrone will provide anti-drone technology to Swiss firms

Swisscom And Dedrone Will Provide Anti-Drone Technology To Swiss Firms

Dedrone, a San Francisco-based airspace security firm, has teamed with Swisscom Broadcast, a European telecommunications operator, to safeguard Swiss businesses from uninvited drones. The purpose is to defend vital infrastructure, airports, and big event venues using Dedrone’s detection, identification, and intervention capabilities.

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Switzerland establishes the world’s first Remote ID network for drones

Switzerland Establishes The World'S First Remote Id Network For Drones

In Switzerland, the world’s first Remote ID network for drones just went live. The technology, dubbed Network Remote Identification (NET-RID), may be used to communicate information on drone flights and operators with aviation authorities, law enforcement, other airspace users, and the general public. Switzerland has taken a major step toward the implementation of U-space with the...

DJI Inspire 2 with X7 camera captures Geneva and Romandy in Switzerland

Dji Inspire 2 With X7 Camera Captures Geneva And Romandy In Switzerland

One of our favorite drone video producers is the Russian company Timelab Pro. Armed with a DJI Inspire 2 and Zenmuse X7 camera, the team travels the world to capture the most beautiful aerial shots everywhere. For their latest drone video, they visited the beautiful Romandy region of Switzerland. The team also made drone shots of the Swiss city of Geneva.

Check out this rotating omnidirectional drone from ETH Zürich

Check Out This Rotating Omnidirectional Drone From Eth Zürich

As we all know drone technology is advancing rapidly. One of the best-known examples is perhaps from Skydio with the introduction of the Skydio R1 drone two years go and more recently the Skydio 2 drone. These unmanned aircraft fly almost completely autonomously and avoid obstacles like no other drone can do. Today, however, the engineers from the ETH Zürich show us a tilting, rotating and...

Drone pilot saves fawns from an agonizing death in Swiss Alps

Drone Pilot Saves Fawns From An Agonizing Death In Swiss Alps

In the Swiss Alps, the meadows are mowed from early May to mid-July. Each year about 1,500 fawns are accidentally killed in the process as the animals hide in the tall grass. Drone pilot, Livio Son uses his unmanned aircraft that is outfitted with a thermal camera to spot the fawns before the mowers come out. Son saves the animals from an agonizing death and the farmers from a traumatic...