Ukrainian Drones Shake Crimea'S Key Connector

Ukrainian Drones Shake Crimea’s Key Connector

The attack on Russia’s premier bridge to Crimea was brought to light by Russian authorities on Monday, who attribute the damage to two Ukrainian drones. The resulting explosions led to two fatalities and a significant disruption of both road and…

80,000 Drone Ids Exposed In Dji Aeroscope Data Leak Dji Helps The Russians In Their Attacks Ukraine Government Says Dji Responds To Allegations Of Role In Ukraine-Russia War - Dji Accused Of Limiting Use Of Aeroscope For Ukrainian Military. Dronemaker Denies It Vehemently.

80,000 drone IDs exposed in DJI Aeroscope data leak

In a data breach, a DJI Aeroscope database with information from hundreds of airspace monitoring devices made by the Chinese drone maker was made public. This database contained more than 80,000 drone IDs. The Cybernews research team has discovered an…